Precious Dancers Academy will conduct a Christmas Showcase and a Springtime Recital. In a warm and exciting atmosphere, the dancers will share a lovely sample of performances on stage. The emphasis is upon the performer, the joy of dance, and the celebration of their accomplishments instead of a big, stressful production. Performances are an important part of a child's dance education as they learn teamwork, stage direction, overcoming shyness, expressing personality, and enjoying camaraderie. 

In accordance, the Recital fee and also the Christmas Showcase fee help to defray the costs of these performances such as the venue rental, audio/visual support, music editing, recordings, backstage/stage support, programs, etc. 

Christmas Showcase

A simple and beautiful show that will capture the spirit and true heart of Christmas which is followed by a Christmas party afterwards. 

Christmas Showcase Fee

$65 for first dancer, $50 for second dancer, and $50 for each additional dancer in the same household

Props - $25 (if assigned)


Pre-K Christmas tutu - $35

Schoolers Christmas tutu - $45


The Christmas Showcase fee, costume fee and prop fee are due November 1st.

Showcase cancelled due to Covid-19

Spring Recital

A sparkling and first-rate event that your dancer is going to want to be a part of! On recital day, your dancer receives a gorgeous bouquet, commemorative ribbon, recital t-shirt, and a pizza lunch. A high resolution digital video of the performance will be sent to each participating family within a few weeks of the production.

Spring Recital Fee

$115 for first dancer, $90 for second dancer, and $90 for each additional dancer in the same household

Props - $10-$25 (if assigned)


$70 per dancer for an XS-S child

$75 per dancer for a M-XXL child

$80 per dancer for adult sizes

(only one costume assigned per class)


Spring Recital Costume and Prop fees are due January 1st. The Recital Fee is broken into 2 payments, half is due February 1st & the other half is due March 1st.



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